Final Stage Information

Details on your written entry and supporting materials

Is there another template we should use?

Please use the same template as per your original entry form. A small number of cases have been moved to the other category by the jury. Those shortlisted teams have been informed and should use the template for their newly assigned category. Please find below download links if required:

What is the word count?

At entry stage, we asked for each section to be completed in more than two or three sentences. At the shortlisted stage, you can provide more information, but we would advise no more than two or three paragraphs per section.

How can your mentor help?

A mentor has been assigned to each shortlisted team/case. As a senior planner, they will be able to advise on how best to communicate your strategic approach and can provide guidance on writing the entry.

Do we Need to Produce a video?

We would encourage all shortlisted entries to produce case videos, as film is the most effective format for compelling storytelling. However, where there are constraints on resource/budget, we would advise speaking to your market lead in order for them to prioritise the strongest entries.

For those cases where it is not possible to produce a film, we would suggest you create a storyboard in PowerPoint – a clear and simple narrative through images and concise script. Please use this storyboard template as a guide.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with video production, but your mentor can provide advice on how to structure your storyboard and how best to write your script. Please find video brief template here if required.

How long should the video be?

Your video should be a short case film, explaining the brilliance of your strategy and highlighting the effectiveness of your work. Ideally, the film should be around two minutes, but no more than three minutes.

What’s a good example of a case study video?

Please see our 2015 finalists page to see last year’s videos, a particular video that the planning team recommends was one of the finalists in the top 10 in the 2015 awards Kiehl’s Changing The Plan.

What’s the video format?

Please encode a high quality video as .MOV or .MP4. Please note the file size should be up to 350MB



HD 720p


1024×526, 640×480

HD 1280×720

Audio: AAC, 48kHz



HD 1280 X 720

AAC, 48kHz

Supporting Images

Supporting images should be provided in high res (not within Word/PowerPoint) naming each file as your campaign entry title. Images can be provided in PDF, or jpeg. (ideally 300dpi, CMYK, with longest side 420mm.)

How do I submit my written entry and supporting materials?

Please send your written entry and supporting materials to, and provide a link to large files via LionBox or WeTransfer.