Making The UK Roads Safer


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Campaign Details

CAMPAIGN TITLE Making the UK Roads Safer
BRAND Aviva motor insurance
AGENCY Zenith   Secondary Agency:  Newcast
TEAM MEMBERS               Chris Davies, Business Director, Zenith
Cameron Davies, Data & Insights Executive, Zenith
Toby Feakins, Planning Manager, Zenith
Shaazie Guthrie, Director, Newcast





Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

Consumer faith in insurance companies is at an all-time low; even bankers are considered more trustworthy. In the face of such cynicism in the category, generic advertising was doing little for Aviva’s business. Brand health and baseline sales had seen two years of decline. We needed another way. Sobered to discover that one child is killed on the roads every 10 minutes, we resolved to move away from straightforward car insurance focussed communications, and instead ‘Make the UK Roads Safer’.Doing so drove exponential growth in engagement levels, which had a positive knock-on effect for both brand health and sales.

What was the challenge?

People trust insurers and aggregators less than banks. Natty scenes of baby meerkats in the desert, or robots dancing to pioneer rap don’t appear to help challenge this perception. Aviva had also taken the humorous, character-driven approach, using Paul Whitehouse to portray lots of different Aviva customers, but this once-successful campaign was beginning to wane and we had seen two years of declining brand health, leading to a significant decline in baseline sales across all products. Whilst CPAs were impressive, we had focused too much on short-term sales at the expense of the brand.

What were the insights that led to your idea?

Bad drivers impact good/safe drivers’ premiums, but we realised that eight out of ten people think they are safe drivers. However, 60% think the roads are less safe than they used to be and so there was clearly a disconnect. Our first job would be to challenge people’s perceptions about how safe a driver they really were.

What was your organizing idea?

We were on a mission to ‘Make the UK Roads Safer’.Our insight told us this would be a surefire way to engage lots of people in a way that ‘Car Insurance’ could never do, and it would also mean that we actually achieve some good, setting the building blocks down for waking people up to their own bad driving habits and helping to change their behaviours. In doing so, they could use the Aviva Drive App and be rewarded for it…

How did you execute your strategy?

We broke the campaign down into two key areas: Fuelling Debate and Creating Competition, utilising four years’ worth of data we had from the Aviva Drive App. We found out who were statistically safer drivers across ages, genders, locations, and occupations then used this to fuel debate across the country, utilising social channels & OOH. The debate began via social (Facebook & Twitter), but was also broadcast in train stations across the UK using live digital Transvision screens, with people being able to tweet their views direct from the concourse onto the screens as they walked through the concourse.

Results: how did your work drive growth for the client?

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