Nothing warms the heart like an old friend



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Campaign Details

CAMPAIGN TITLE Nothing warms the heart like an old friend
BRAND Nescafé
TEAM MEMBERS               Nadine Helal, Digital Director, Zenith
Eman Mashaly, Digital Media Manager, Zenith
Khaled Gaber, Media Manager, Zenith



Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

Nescafé has been a strong driver in developing the coffee category in Egypt, but it faces challenges for ownership of an audience of dynamic busy millennials and Generation Z, especially from out-of-home coffee brands. We managed to compete against popular youth brands like Starbucks by creating a value exchange that our competition can’t deliver. We reconnected old and lost friendships and managed to increase Nescafé’s sales volume by more than 50% (Source: Client Sales Report) during the campaign period and created a relevance for the brand in consumers’ lives.

What was the challenge?

With a strong tea heritage, coffee is mainly popular among the young and ‘to go’ audience. Most coffee meet-ups happen outdoors, especially among youth who enjoy the overall experience of coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa, etc. We wanted to create relevance for Nescafé among Generation Z and Millennials by engaging emotionally with them and creating a coffee experience that is fun and exciting so that they could see that an indoor cup of coffee doesn’t have to be boring.

What was your organizing idea?

We came up with the organizing idea ‘Nothing warms the heart like an old friend’ and positioned Nescafé as the facilitator of real friendship. We created a social movement by using five influencers who publicly reconnected with their old friends and visited them over a cup of Nescafé coffee. They uploaded their own videos on Facebook calling out our TG to re-contact their ‘First Tag’ by tagging their old friends to meet up over a cup of Nescafé.

A special kit of two Red Mugs & one pack of Nescafé Mixes, specifically designed for this campaign, were sold in-store and were distributed to the most active users on Nescafé Facebook and Instagram posts.

How did you execute your strategy?

We decided to use Facebook as the main platform for our communication as it allowed us to reach and engage our target audience not only through desktop but also via mobile where they are most receptive to our communication. To kick of our campaign, we created highly emotional and fun video content using five of the most popular influencers in their respective fields – three comedians, a photographer and an actress – and their great traction with Egyptian youth. Each of the influencers publicly reconnected with their first tagged friend on Facebook and surprised them with a visit over a cup of Nescafé. We promoted those videos on both Facebook and YouTube and created posts across all platforms with a call to action to go to your first tag and invite them over for a cup of Nescafé.

Results: how did your work drive growth for the client?

We achieved a 99% campaign awareness (Source: Facebook Nielsen Brand Effects Study) with a 45% ad recall, ranked highest in the favorability matrix with 50% among all 4 competitors and outperformed other middle east campaigns (benchmark 31%). We achieved the best performance in the Facebook brand effect study in the Middle East. Nescafé’s sales increased by 57% during the campaign period v. same period last year. Last but not least, we re-connected 11 million young adults (60% of our target audience) with their lost/old friends.