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Campaign Details

CLIENT Skopje Brewery
BRAND Heineken
COUNTRY Macedonia
AGENCY Zenith    Secondary: Publicis
TEAM MEMBERS               Taso Radnjanski, Media Supervisor, Zenith
Milan Stojanov, Creative Director, Publicis
Dejan Spirkoski, Copywriter, Publicis
Iva Dragnjic, Account Manager, Zenith




Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

Throughout the year, many Macedonians listen to music, enjoying the songs they like…but when the summer comes they’re looking for more: a music experience that will make them feel alive. And making people feel alive is what Heineken is all about – that’s why Heineken takes part of the biggest music event in Macedonia, the Green Beach Festival. To engage the audience with the festival, we created an activation where everybody could take part in the music. This activation was on point, because consumers could really describe their favourite music through their mobile devices in a way that they’d never done before.

What was the challenge?

Our main objective was to promote the biggest musical event in the country, Green Beach festival, but more important for us was to engage our consumers to share their music with us and start living the Heineken musical experience. We wanted people to show us not only how they listen their music, but how they live it, feel it and “see it”.

What were the insights that led to your idea?

Maybe you wonder why we wrote “how people see their music”? Well from there started our idea: whether our consumers are so into their music that they can really see it, not only listen to it.That’s why Heineken asked the crowd to visualise their music experience to win free tickets for the festival and VIP treatment for the best ones.

What was your organizing idea?

So how can we visualise the music? It’s easy to do through social media by only using emojis! Heineken asked the social media audience to describe with emojis how they see their favourite band, singer or even their favourite song. Also, this was a really good way to promote the festival line-up, because people were posting and twitting emojis about the DJs, singers and songs that were going to show up at the festival. The best social media ambassadors were awarded with free tickets / VIP treatment for the biggest musical event in the country.

How did you execute your strategy?

Knowing that people love to use emojis in their communication, all it needed was this one good idea and a little encouragement to create a big buzz on social media, where we reached all of our target group. This made us a leader on social media in the beer category. We turned our social media fans into festival ambassadors because they were sharing the festival line-up by describing it with emojis. But most importantly, we let them show us how they see their music. Some of our competitors even tried to copy our approach with similar activities…but without success. We already owned the music and showed people that we really understand them.

Results: how did your work drive growth for the client?

After the festival the results pleasantly surprised us. Besides making Heineken the leader in the beer & music category, we also achieved great numbers in media and sales. We reached more than 1.3m people through social media, securing 8k+ likes and 300+ shares.


    • TV ads (60”, 30”, 15”) 1,500 GRPs
    • Web banners impressions 20 000 000 +
    • PR/clicks 50 000 +


    • Green Beach festival attendance +7% (’16 vs ly)
    • On trade sales +7% (jun – aug ’16 vs ly)
    • Local and traditional trade sales +3% (jun – aug ’16 vs ly)
    • Modern trade sales +5% (jun – aug ’16 vs ly)
    • Sales in total macedonia +5%
    • Market share (q3 ’16 vs ly) 2.2% (+ 0.2 pp)