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COUNTRY Global & Spain
AGENCY Zenith 
TEAM MEMBERS               Eloi Casali
Miguel Esteban/Lista
Leonor Ruiz
Javier de la Cruz




Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

Across the year, The Digital Score has helped multiple clients grow their businesses by helping them focus their efforts on the areas with the highest potential ROIs, using a proprietary ZenithOptimedia methodology and IP.

Clients across the globe have been able to define roadmaps much more clearly, and spend more time in areas that will drive more growth to their business.


What was the challenge?

In 2014, BBVA – a global bank in the middle of a corporate shift to a customer-centric model – launched a media pitch asking for digital guidance to become the best global bank in the future.

As they wanted to offer a fully integrated experience across all channels for any customer, we at ZO faced the challenge by creating an algorithm to track how banks use digital to connect, interact and engage with customers, and translates it into a simple number: The Digital Score.

The Digital Score was scaled into the Digital Score 2.0, and today is a simpler and easier to activate version thanks to our ZO Worldwide team. It is a numeric index that measures the digital maturity of marketers and help them:

  1. Score their usage of various channels against each other (no one else does this).
  2. Benchmark their performance against the industry/market category (no one else does this).
  3. A source to find insights, media strategies and best practices.
  4. Build a roadmap of where to place your efforts in the next 12 months (based on data).


Market-leading vendors fell short in some aspects of delivering multi-touch attribution models.  Data validation was not rigorous and some models lacked sophistication and the ability to implement the results in a consistent and reliable way, so we knew we had to create our own solution for Aviva.


What was your strategy to deliver against the objectives?

The strategy was to build a questionnaire living in an online tool that would quickly give you insights on your performance, potentially compared to your competitors.

In order to define the questionnaire, we pulled resources from the various entities in Publicis Media: Newcast, Performics, Zenith, Trading and so on. This ensured we had a robust set of questions – the most advanced and important questions according to the experts.

The questionnaire was then housed online, so everyone around the world could use it.

The online platform would then score your responses instantly.


How was the consultancy work executed?

Once the tool was created we defined three use-cases for Zenith teams, which are ways of using the tool to drive growth. This was provided in training documentation:

  • Cross Selling: Running the tool for free for a client would allow us to open up more opportunities. If content score was low, we would recommend a Newcast content audit, etc.
  • Time Spent: We have charged clients (SCA) for running the sessions with their marketers. This consisted of 15 sessions each lasting around 2 hours: 30hours of paid work.
  • Consultancy: This would be similar to option 2, but we would involve the client much less. This is very much a turnkey service where we do ALL the research work for the client and deliver the results for them. More time consuming, higher ticket projects.


How did the work create business transformation?

For Publicis:

To date, we have delivered 78 studies across Publicis clients in different countries, across 12 channels and a total of 60 questions across 4 criteria. This means we have collected around 224,000 data points over the course of our analysis – this completes an amazing benchmark and insight database that is sliceable by industry, market and brand.

In addition, we believe that the Digital Score project is a reference in terms of collaboration between local and global, which represents today’s Publicis ‘Power of One’ approach. The original DS was created in Spain, as a fundamental asset to deliver a successful BBVA pitch and has been already recognised by the industry. However, this 1.0 version needed further development, a robust platform to operate with scale. The global team efficiently delivered these needs by rolling out the DS 2.0.

For Zenith:
This tool has helped drive projects forward and cement relationships: by committing to a 12-month roadmap, we are ensuring we have a stream of work coming in from clients, reasons to meet every week/month and discuss.

We have seen projects born out of this tool – by identifying a low/bad usage of content, we have been able to push briefs towards Newcast for example, or get Performics to run audits on performance media.

For Clients:
We have seen some clients use this tool to train their teams: just by going through the questions, the teams understand that these topics are very important, and often activate them a few months down the line.  (Aviva)

We also see clients who have too much on their plate, or a team too small, and this helps define where the immediate value is, and where the future growth can be found. It helps managers manage the expectations of their seniors, and helps seniors deliver a top-line vision to the upper-management teams.

For New Business:
It is as well a tool that allows us to project our transformative motivations when pitching for new business.