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Campaign Details

CAMPAIGN TITLE Suhoor Creations
CLIENT Fromageries Bel
BRAND Jibnet abou walad
AGENCY ZenithOptimedia
TEAM MEMBERS               Aneesha Hingorani, Associate Director, Zenith
Mohamed Junaid, Senior Manager, Zenith
Lara Serry, Manager, Zenith
Sarah Kanaan, Media Executive, Zenith




Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

With Ramadan being the most important sales period of the year for most brands, advertising costs and clutter during this time are reaching an insane high. With big F&B brands, including JAW’s sister brand Kiri, fighting for their share on the Iftar table, JAW was in the habit of avoiding this period in the past due to its budget limitations. However, over the years, sales results during Ramadan indicated a trend for higher demand. We realized this opportunity and identified an unattended yet important niche to become part of this highly important period and created relevance for Suhoor’ by providing a healthy alternative to unhealthy eating habits. (Note: Iftar is the most important meal during Ramadan being the first meal after a long day of fasting. Suhoor is the last meal (‘breakfast’) before sunrise and before another day of fasting starts) As a result, JAW scored its record market share in the Triangular Portion (TP) segment in Oman & Jordan during the holy period.

What was the challenge?

The processed cheese category is moving to more convenient formats such as Tubs and Jars, which is causing JAW to lose share, it being a small brand whose core business is TP. Another challenge was to smartly advertise in Ramadan, knowing that there is a huge clutter problem, mainly from F&B brands. In addition, we had to make sure that we did not step on the toes of Kiri (sister brand) as Ramadan is the most important period for them. With JAW’s positioning being “Encouraging my kids’ ambitions” our key objective was to convince parents that Suhoor is a very important meal and that JAW TP will provide their kids with the energy they need to achieve their goals and ambitions.

What were the insights that led to your idea?

On a fasting day, ‘Iftar’ is believed to be the main meal for the day and Arab moms are known to lay out a heavy and greasy feast for the whole family. It’s highly likely that the leftovers from Iftar are consumed for Suhoor as well, which is not a healthy practice, especially for growing kids. This was JAW’s opportunity to change unhealthy Suhoor habits into healthier ones, so that kids could go about the next day with a stronger stamina and endurance.

What was your organizing idea?

We came up with the organizing idea of ‘Because the secret of their potential is in their Suhoor’ While all other F&B brands were focusing on Iftar, we focused on ‘Suhoor recipes’ and created five highly nutritious, simple and easy to follow videos to show mothers how they can make highly nutritious light meals for their fasting children for Suhoor. Research indicated that JAW is perceived as a local brand in Jordan & Oman, hence the content that we shot featured a real Jordanian family and had a natural and unscripted feel, versus most of the branded content out in the web using influencers and being less authentic.

How did you execute your strategy?

Knowing that people love to use emojis in their communication, all it needed was this one good idea and a little encouragement to create a big buzz on social media, where we reached all of our target group. This made us a leader on social media in the beer category. We turned our social media fans into festival ambassadors because they were sharing the festival line-up by describing it with emojis. But most importantly, we let them show us how they see their music. Some of our competitors even tried to copy our approach with similar activities…but without success. We already owned the music and showed people that we really understand them.

Results: how did your work drive growth for the client?

Business: Sales during Suhoor increased by 6% compared to YA (delivering in June alone 1,580 tons across the ME region, +80 tons vs. last Ramadan)

Oman: Market Share (+2.0pts/TP), scoring our record ever MS in TP @45.8%

Jordan: Market Share (+2.6pts/TP), scoring our record ever MS in TP @31.9% (making us now the biggest TP brand

YouTube Excellence: Smashed all digital KPIs JAW Suhoor Recipe videos delivering 14,970,000 impressions, 4,200,000 video views (1,240,000 above KPI), 25% view rate (YT benchmark is 12%), 5,000 organic subscribers to our new JAW YouTube Channel.