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Campaign Details

CAMPAIGN TITLE #BetterWhenShared
CLIENT Fromageries Bel
BRAND Kiri Cheese
COUNTRY Saudi Arabia
AGENCY ZenithOptimedia
TEAM MEMBERS               Aneesha Hingorani, Associate Director, Zenith
Mohamed Junaid, Senior Manager, Zenith
Sarah Kanaan – Executive, Zenith



Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

Cooking & eating take centre stage during Ramadan, making it a crucial period for Kiri and also the most cluttered time of the year for F&B brands. For years Kiri was the only player in the cheese category capitalising on this opportunity until last year, when Puck cheese, a critical competitor for Kiri, started massive media investments during this period stealing Kiri’s share of voice & threatening its market share. For the first time, KIRI stepped into the CSR territory with a strong consumer centric activation and managed to grow its market share by 20%, increase top of mind recall by 30% & break a record for consideration with a 5% uplift vs the average of the last six months.

What was the challenge?

Ramadan is the Christmas of the Middle East when it comes to purchase behaviour and consumption habits, which makes it also the most expensive and most cluttered period in media: an insane 2,000 brands fight for awareness on TV and supermarkets are filled with promotions and special offers. But Ramadan is also the time of the year to reflect, to be grateful and to give back to those who are less fortunate. With Ramadan being the most important sales period for KIRI, we had the difficult task of defending our territory in an increasingly competitive environment and cut through the clutter.

What were the insights that led to your idea?

During Ramadan, a mum puts herself under high pressure to master the Iftar table (food feast at dawn when Muslims break their fast) and be the best host throughout the celebrations. It’s probably the most stressful time in the year (she has to prepare an impressive Iftar table every night for a whole month) leaving her with very little time to think about anything else but cooking. Preparing an opulent meal every night does not only leave her with stress, but also with guilt about the amount of leftovers she’s throwing away every night – in particular during a time when the awareness of people who are starving and don’t enjoy the pleasure of a nice dinner is heightened.

What was your organizing idea?

We wanted to marry the Kiri mums’ love of cooking with the unspoken food shortage/wastage during Ramadan, uplift her role in the community by helping her to give back to society without adding anything extra to her extensive list of to-dos during Ramadan. Our aim was to “Make sharing simple”.

How did you execute your strategy?

We made it simple! We partnered with UBER in UAE & KSA and with a simple click of a button our “#BetterWhenShared” Kiri boxes got delivered to our moms who could fill the boxes with leftovers for those less fortunate. We kicked-off the campaign with four influencers to introduce the initiative and generate buzz on social media and TV. To give more, we also tied up with UAE fridges (fridges set up across the city to share food and water with labourers) during the Holy month.

Results: how did your work drive growth for the client?

Business: After distributing thousands of boxes, Kiri surpassed initial objectives in only the 1st half of Ramadan reaching 18.5% MS in June 2016 (+3pts vs June 2015) on total processed cheese in KSA! While Puck remained flat even with higher investment in Ramadan 2016.

Brand: Increased brand TOM in June 16 by 2pts VS the previous 6 months average. Breaking record on consideration at 94% (4pts ahead on YTD)

Behavioral: 100,000 (10% growth) new fans on FB & Instagram & 18,000 (69% growth) organic new fans. Campaign reached 13,774,941 (70% of the universe) people on Facebook (Paid + Organic) with 767,476 & 75,000 unique engagements on Facebook (likes, comments and shares) and Instagram. Total views of 13 million & 1.6 million for all content on Facebook and YouTube.