CX Tracker & Dash

A Brand-Tracking Consultancy Product


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Campaign Details

CAMPAIGN TITLE CX Tracker and Dash (a brand-tracking consultancy product)
CLIENT All (with the focus being Honda, Fitbit, Aldi and Tennis Australia)
BRAND See above
COUNTRY Australia
TEAM MEMBERS  Tim Beveridge
Head of Strategy, Data, and Analytics Melbourne and Head of Data, and Analytics Australia






Summary: How did you drive growth for your client?

Part of the broader “CX Suite”, CX Tracker is a 52-week multi-pronged brand-tracking tool that helps a client understand their brand’s levels of awareness, consideration, and market penetration, against the stages of the CX Loop and against competitors. It also helps the marketer understand their brand’s impression in market against competitors for category driving dimensions and thus gives us a read on a brand’s distinctiveness. It also convers a market-wide NPS analysis as well as sentiment-based analysis of qualitative questions and is able to be integrated into touchpoints data.


What was the challenge?

The project was initiated internally for numerous reasons:

    • We needed to find a faster, more defensible way to diagnose a brand’s challenges in market as a way of spring-boarding into comms planning.
    • We needed to find a simpler, more compelling, and defensible way to talk about brand marketing to non-marketers (or to give our clients a way to defend their brand marketing to non-marketers in their organisation).
    • We needed to find a way to build a data set suitable for econometric modelling, aimed at connecting media activity to shifts in business drivers of awareness and consideration, and deliver into a client’s need to connect their sales objectives to media and marketing budgets more tightly (zero-based budgeting). Standard brand tracking is too infrequent and too expensive.
    • We needed to find a way to bolster our revenue streams.
    • We needed to find a way to swim against the headwinds of increasing margin crunch and service commoditisation by developing a uniquely distinctive and elevating way of unpacking a brand’s challenge and then tracking our success against our strategic initiatives over time.


What was your strategy to deliver against the objectives?

 Develop a cost effective and focused brand tracker that connects into the CX Loop.

    • Deliver the brand tracker results via an online dashboard that clients can access to demonstrate ROI.
    • Update it weekly to enable a statistical connection to media activity.


How was the consultancy work executed?

The product design, questionnaire design, data-processing, technical and data-visualisation work was executed within the strategic team in Melbourne (by the Strategy Director Tim – who has a diverse and unique background which enabled this).

    • Questionnaire assistance was given by the Research team from Zenith Australia.
    • Panel research was conducted our panel partners Lightspeed GMI and PureProfile.
    • The technology used is R (and the R web framework Shiny) for data processing and the web interface, Tableau for the dashboarding and visualisation, and Amazon AWS RDS MySQL instance for hosting.


How did the work create business transformation?

The goals at the outset were clear:

    • New revenue
    • Faster, more defensible diagnosis of core issues
    • Client adoption

New revenue
We’ve pitched CX Tracker to three existing clients and used it as a core differentiator in five new business pitches. We’ve had 100% strike rate in selling in to existing clients and we’ve had 100% success rate in terms of the take up on new business pitches we’ve won. Of the pitches we didn’t win, CX Tracker was mentioned by the prospective client on all occasions as a core part of the Zenith offering that had strong appeal.

Faster Diagnosis
On all occasions, CX Tracker has enabled lighting-fast diagnosis of issues, challenges with key audience groups, and removed much of the subjectivity around identifying blockages in the CX Loop, or weak spots across audience segments.

Client Adoption
While different clients using the tracker are at different stages of adoption, we’ve seen that in every case, clients have found it an extremely valuable tool to understand how their brand is competing in market and the conversations that the tracker stimulates are positive and productive.